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More than 35 years of experience

Our company was created in 1985 to guarantee the comfort and habitability of any space, and to create an ideal climate for every moment and any occasion.

Our climate control and plumbing installation projects stand out by having been carefully studied and planned to the smallest detail by our engineers during the design and execution phase. These engineers have an excellent technical education and constantly keep themselves up to date with the latest technology.

As experts in large, centralized installations, the exigent hotel sector, among others, has contracted our services and has received optimal results. The name we have made for ourselves during all these years permits us the claim that ‘contracting Clima Insular is contracting quality, service and a guarantee of wellness.’

Knowledge, experience and renovation

An expert team of engineers and highly qualified personnel carries out every project contracted by our clients and creates solutions based on extensive knowledge of the techniques and processes which exist in the market, choosing those which are best suited for the specific installation.

Planning the future

With a flexible, efficient, firm and foreword thinking directive staff, we stay on the vanguard of knowledge, continually adapting the company to changing times and creating strategies and policies to foster growth, and henceforth have become a reference company in the sector.

Continually expanding

Our sales department is well aware of the company’s potential, which has grown rapidly throughout the years. Currently, new client acquisition has crossed borders and we are able to offer our services wherever they are needed. No distance or size of project is too large for us.

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