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Integral solutions

CLIMA INSULAR is registered in the Industrial Register as a company dedicated to the installation and maintenance of climate control, heating, plumbing, ACS, low voltage electricity, fire protection systems, petroleum products and gas IG II.

Climate control and plumbing installations

The principal activity of the company since its creation

Specializing in large scale centralized installations and project execution, supported by its own technical office which is staffed by engineers with vast experience in the sector.

Home installations. Air conditioning has become affordable for any household income. Boasting a separate department for such needs, CLIMA INSULAR takes care of domestic clients and can offer a wide variety of the best brands available.


Our own technical support

Thanks to the hundreds of installations carried out since the start of the company, we have extremely qualified technical support personnel to attend to any possible malfunctions. This service is available 365 days per year. Our knowledge in the field allows for efficient trouble shooting.


Installation maintenance

Preventative maintenance, understood as the routine of systematically carried out tasks timed to favor the perfect function of the equipment, is in more demand than ever and improves the part life and day to day functions.

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